About Us


A Few Words About Us

Nurul-Islam Group of Schools began like a child’s play in November 1999 as Nurul Islam children school at 25 Alhaji Mustapha Street Ori-Okuta, Ikorodu Lagos. However, meaningful and effective academic activities could not commence until the year 2000.

The school was established to meet the yearnings of some members of the public who desire a perfect blend of western and Islamic education for their children. Therefore, in addition to the Lagos state Government Curriculum for primary and secondary education, the school introduced subjects such as Quran memorization (hifzul Quran), Islamic morals and ethics (Adaab), Hadith and fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) among others.

Several challenges confronted Nurul Islam school project from inception. There were no sufficient class-rooms to accommodate the increasing population of pupils and the little income generated could not bring about the needed expansion. The Adedeji’s family, who has been following the growth of the school offered the usage of Darul- Salam Mosque as an extension of our classrooms. This gesture brought the needed relief. On the advice of some parents, the school relocated to another temporary site at 5, Efunlaruja street, Palace bus stop, Ori-Okuta, Ikorodu, Lagos, in September 2002. In the late 2003, one and half plot of land was secured at Agbeye, Eyita-Ojokoro Road, Ikorodu, for the school’s permanent site.

Construction work began on the site in the year 2004 and the school moved in the year 2006 to her permanent site after the completion of 12 classrooms. The school further consolidated on these gains and expanded as time passes by.

At present, Nurul Islam School has been duly registered and has obtained the approval of Lagos State Ministry of Education. During a comprehensive inspection exercise, the School was certified “Very Good” by the Quality Assurance Unit of the Lagos State Ministry of Education in 2016. Nurul-Islam Group of Schools is effectively managed by seasoned educationist in Science Education, English Education, and experts in early Childhood Education.

The Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies unit of the school is effectively and efficiently managed by a renowned scholar of Islam who also bagged relevant degrees in management studies. In the year 2016, the school announced her desire to be renamed NURUL-ISLAM EDUCATION VILLAGE during the last parent forum.

Vision and mission

Mission statement: To provide a functional blend of Islamic and western education that will enhance peaceful co-existence in this world and a blissful one in the hereafter.

Vision statement: To be regarded as a foremost institution that provides a balanced education premised on sound Islamic values, thereby, producing ideal citizens that will be useful to their nation and the world at large.


N – Nurturing of sound minds and intellectuals

U – Unleashing the hidden potentials of learners

R – Readiness to uphold the culture of peace and harmony

U – Utmost utilization of all opportunities

L – Living by the Qur’an and Sunnah

I – Illuminating the world with radiance of cultured piety

S – Sustaining the positive legacies of pious ones

L – Learning to be independent and self-reliant

A – Ambitious to the fullest capacity

M – Master-minding for absolute success in this world and hereafter